Here is a list of frequently asked questions along with our answers.
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Superfumista ?

SUPERFUMISTA is an independent perfumer specialized in crafting bespoke fragrances.

Pioneering a fresh narrative in artisanal haute parfumerie, our approach seamlessly combines human guidance with a digital touch to democratize the art of true custom-made perfumery.

At the forefront of innovation, we offer the first service through a mobile application to create your own perfume, with a dedicated perfumer by your side at every step.

We celebrate every perfumista* in search of a unique fragrance that reflects their essence.
Nous partageons avec chacun d’entre vous le pouvoir de participate in this creative and olfactive adventure at your own pace, no matter where you are.

The SUPERFUMISTA experience is our expertise, our passion, and our creativity at your service.

*Perfume lover, Perfumer (in Spanish)

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How does perfume-making work remotely?

We guide you through 3 steps with the SUPERFUMISTA mobile app:

Describe your project and tell us your preferences throughout a few questions, upload any file that will help express your ideas for your project,
Compose votre parfum à partir du Carousel of scents en selecting notes and ingredients among 16 olfactory famillies,
Compare the formulations (versions of your fragrance) we’ll sent out to you, share with us your insights for possible adjustments and confirm  the formulation you like best.

Throughout this creative process, we chat on the SUPERFUMISTA application to understand your project and make it happen at best. We keep you updated at every step of the way while creating your fragrance (check the "Track your Creation" menu) until the awaited moment when you get our final fragrance.

What’s in a SUPERFUMISTA fragrance?

We compose Eaux de parfum made with alcohol (ethanol) and 2 types of materials:
Naturals extracts from flowers, trees and other plants ( essential oils, absolutes, resins… ). We do not use any animal ingredients.
Synthetics : dentical compounds to molecules present in Nature which are used for several “good” reasons: (protected endangered species, complex or impossible extraction process, quality variation and cost) or effect compounds (with no equivalent in Nature).

In a fragrance, you find Magic & Alchemy thanks to both types of materials (naturals and synthesised). Each plays a part with its own properties, qualities and function.
The art of blending requires them both in order to make the perfect scent and the right emotion for your fragrance.

RM naturals
AC synthetics
Does SUPERFUMISTA create fragrances for men and women?

Notre parti pris est de ne pas définir un parfum pour un genre donné, ni d’aborder un projet de création au travers de ce prisme. La démarche étant du sur-mesure, nous élaborons avec vous un parfum qui parle de vous et révèle des parts de votre personnalité. Si votre souhait est d’exprimer une facette plutôt “masculine“ ou plutôt “féminine“ , nous chercherons surtout à comprendre ce que cela veut dire pour vous, ce que cela évoque d’un point de vue olfactif et ainsi, le traduire en senteurs, avec le plus de justesse possible pour votre création.

What’s the difference between Eau de parfum and Eau de toilette ?

These names are all about the concentration of the fragrance (fragrant compounds). The dilution in depends on the amount of added alcohol which acts on intensity, sillage and tenacity.

These categories are custom practise in Perfumery, and not legislation:
Eau fraîche contains from 1% to 3% of perfume,
Eau de cologne from 3% to 5%,
Eau de toilette from 5% to 15%,
Eau de parfum from 15% to 25%,
Extrait de parfum (aka “parfum”) over 25%.

Superfumista creations are all "Eau de parfum". The intensity and concentration of your perfume are adjusted with you throughout the creative process and our conversation on the chat of the app to make the final fragrance.

I don’t know much about perfume-making, how can you help me?

This is precisely our goal so our service adapts to you and your fragrance project, as we take into account what your needs and knowledge are. We discuss your ideas and choices on the live chat of the application and assist you throughout the whole perfume-making process. You can define on the SUPERFUMISTA app your “Nose expertise” and set it on one of the following 3 levels:
Apprentice: you don’t know much about the ingredients so you can select your notes among 16 olfactory families (floral, woody, citrus…)
Explorator: you know a little about ingredients and their families, so you can search through 130 materials from the 16 olfactive families.
Maestro: you know about most ingredients from the olfactory families pretty well and know how to combine them, you can select precise ingredients and define the proportions for each.

This “Nose expertise” gives you access to a simplified version or a more advanced version of the Olfactory Carousel. But nothing irrevocable… you may change your setting at any time throughout the composition of your fragrance.

Nose Expertise:
How will my SUPERFUMISTA fragrance perform and last on my skin?

Sillage and projection, like balance and originality are sought-after qualities in a fragrance, but tenacity seems to have a particular role. When it comes to scents, it’s all about temporality because a fragrance is just like telling a tale about sudden olfactory memories, the expression of the current mood or a strong established identity… Thus, the story of a composition starts with top notes as an introduction. The most volatiles and therefore ephemeral, they quickly make room for the development of the plot with middle notes, also called ‘heart notes’. They slowly melt into base notes as the main theme of the story. These more quiet notes can sometimes last long hours in a conclusion also known as the drydown. This relation between intensity (impact) and duration can be represented with an evaporation curve to visualize how notes evolve with time. So when it comes to tenacity, the question would rather be: “What notes will last longer on my skin?” or “What is the story and the emotion I want to express during this slow conclusion?”.

Depending on each creation and consequently the ingredients involved in a fragrance, the answer may vary. Besides the quality of ingredients which plays a big part in the tenacity matter, the type of fragrance (light and fresh versus sweet and resinous) and logically the types of materials used in a composition should make a difference. Synthetic musks, sandalwood or warm resins are certainly less “intense” than” crisp citruses or radiant aldehydes but their longevity on the skin may sometimes be remarkable. Last but not least, our own chemistry (pH, food, environment) have a word to say as well, for our own skin may let some materials settle down, but make some others vanish on very short notice.

How much does shipping cost?

There are no shipping fees free in mainland France for the creation of a custom-made fragrance. These free shipping offer covers a maximum number of deliveries included in a pack (3 maximum: initial formulations, additional formulations and final box set of the fragrance based on the chosen formulation).
For any delivery outside of France, we apply a contribution to delivery costs as a “flat shipping fees” which amount depends on the destination, covering all shipments.

In what countries is SUPERFUMISTA available?

Le service et l’application SUPERFUMISTA sont disponibles en France, Allemagne, Belgique, Canada, Croatie, Espagne, Estonie, Etats-Unis, Hongrie, Irlande, Italie, Lituanie, Pays-Bas, Pologne, Roumanie, Royaume-Uni, Slovénie et Suisse.
SUPERFUMISTA sera prochainement disponible dans d’autres pays, sur d’autres continents…

How long does it take to create your own fragrance with SUPERFUMISTA?

Compte tenu de notre approche artisanale pour réaliser un véritable parfum sur mesure, à partir du moment où vous créez votre parfum sur l’application et confirmez votre commande, il faut compter :
About 4 weeks: based upon your insight and our chart conversations on the chat of the app, we compose different “initial formulations” for your fragrance. We let them blend (maturate) and ship them to you. You can then take the time to ty them ou ton your skin, compare them and tell us which is the one you like best.
About 4 weeks pour recevoir votre parfum finalisé : nous fabriquons votre parfum sur la base de votre choix et lui laissons un peu de temps pour « se faire » (maturation du concentré puis macération dans l’alcool). Ensuite, nous procédons au “glaçage” et à la filtration du parfum pour éliminer les éventuelles particules en suspension. Enfin, nous confectionnons votre coffret (ou vos coffrets) et expédions vote colis par courrier !

Beyond this minimum amount of time, you might ask us to make adjustments and provide additional formulations (included in the pack you purchase), which will take about another 3 weeks. You might also request a set of extra formulations (not included in your pack) which, again, will take about another extra 3 weeks.

How to anticipate possible allergies?

The samples of the different formulations we send you are meant to be an olfactory test, so you can tell us what your preference is, and also a skin test so we make sure your skin and your fragrance get along well.
We follow IFRA (International Fragrance Association) recommandations and in case of known allergies or cross allergies, you can check this page describing the list of ingredients which may be used in a fragrance and are possible allergens.

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